Uniden bt246t scanner Owner's manual download


Uniden BT246T Scanner Manual

BC246T 1600 Channel Scanner with Close Call and TrunkTracker III

The Uniden BC 246T Handheld Scanner features 1600 channels, Close Call RF Capture Technology, and TrunkTracker III.


  • 1600 Channels Typical / 2500 Maximum
  • Dynamically Allocated Channel Memory - Makes It Easier to Program and Use Your Scanner Without Wasting Channels.
  • TrunkTracker III Technology - So you can keep up with the action on Motorola, EDACS and LTR systems.
  • Close Call™ RF Capture Technology - Instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters
  • Alpha Tagging - Systems, Channel Groups, Channels, Search Ranges, and SAME Groups
  • S.A.M.E. Weather Alert - Specific Area Message Encoding - During a NOAA Weather or Emergency Alert, a code for your specific location will alert you to severe conditions in your immediate area.
  • 10 Custom Search Ranges - Helps you find unlisted frequencies in use in your area
  • 10 Preprogrammed Service Searches - Public Safety, Railroad (by channel), Air, Marine (by channel), CB (by channel), GMRS / FRS (by channel), News Media, Ham Radio and Special
  • Automatic Repeater Reverse - Automatically Tunes to the Repeater Output Frequency When It Finds a Transmission on a Common Input Frequency
  • DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode - Instantly Detects and Displays the Sub-audible Tone So You Can Quickly Determine the System Settings
    Pager Skip - Skips Transmissions on Common Pager Frequencies During Search and Close Call Operation
  • Channel Alert - Alerts You When Channels You Specify Become Active
  • Backlit Display - Lets You Adjust the Backlight So It Turns on When Squelch Opens, When You Press Any Key, or Manually
  • PC Control - Includes a PC Cable So You Can Transfer Information into Your Scanner Using Your Computer
  • Frequency Coverage - 25-54, 108-174, 216-225, 400-512, 806-956, 1240-1300 MHz (excluding cellular)
  • Public Safety Scanner

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Uniden BC-246T Manual Download (PDF)

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